Full start-to-finish development of a global platform for Nissan’s Champions League partnership - celebrating the game-changers and playmakers who engineer excitement on the pitch, just as Nissan’s designers do on the road.

We started by creating top secret Nissan ‘football test labs’ where the likes of Andres Iniesta, Thiago Silva, Yaya Touré and Max Meyer were pitted against the creative minds of Nissans’ own engineers.

Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin

We then created a real time global platform (in 48 + languages) to merge the art of goal scoring with the science of engineering. A complex algorithm calculated the excitement, tension and difficulty of goals in real time, visualizing the data as a living, morphing energy ball in team colours. Each week, we then used this data to nominate a #genius of the week. 
View the engine here
Digital design Kevin Yaun and Mark van de Vis

At the end of the season, the #genius of the year was awarded this sparkly trophy. 

Throughout the campaign, the art and copy brought together the worlds of engineering and sporting success – for example, mirroring footballer attributes like control and power with the attributes of different Nissans. 
Photography Alan Mahon