The White King is about a dystopia - the Homeland - lead by a strongman who rejects all modern knowledge, selling the dream of a return to rural bliss for the masses. Obviously, Homeland could absolutely NEVER, EVER happen in real life....  But, if it did... we're the people to make your propaganda and branding great again. 


The power of a dictatorship is not having to explain. To silence dissent through sheer domination. The only thing you are advertising is your omnipotence - constantly there in the background, leaving no space for any other thought. So, to capture this world, we starting going through Alex Helfrecht and Jörg Tittel’s script, pulling out symbols that together would have just as powerful effect on the viewer as on the citizens of Homeland themselves. 



The most obvious recurring motif in Homeland is that of the nation's figurehead, Hank Lumber. And in particular his pitchfork. Throw in some inspiration from some of the world's darker 'people movements' and some bright cornfield yellow colour, and hey-presto: your dictatorship's a brand. 



In advertising speak, this was a nationwide outdoor campaign to make the citizens accept the military police, breed more children, and denounce neighbours or loved ones who conspired against the government's noble goals. And from that point of view, it was a decades-long success. 

Here they are in the film world itself. 

 And here are the designs in all their glory.